joaquin saldana

Joaquín A. Saldaña Ortiz-Repiso
(Seville, 1968)

Technical architect graduated from E.U.A.T. in Seville, 1991. He finishes his last years of college while working as the construction manager for the company SEVITRAFIC U.T.E. for the development of the D.G.T. project "Weathercock" until January, 1993, when he performs mandatory military service. He starts his professional career as freelance in December, 1993, being part of Amalio Saldaña's architecture bureau from then on and until the year 2011. Simultaneously, from the year 1996, in which he establishes, together with four more partners, the mercantile entity BONARDI&VARONA, S.L. (Real-estate promoter), he combines his job as a freelance with his new management duties. During his two decades of professional career, he does several specialization courses (Soil Assessment and Building, Safety and Health, Viability of Real-estate Promotions, Urban Development) and carries out countless projects, both relating to construction (new work and rehabilitation) and promotion (free and protected housing, establishments, offices, etc …). In 2009 d_DOS study opens, as s result of his relationship and professional trust with the architect Angel Correa Barrera.